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Google Ads Campaign Types, Explained.

Google Ads offers different campaign types, each with its own goals. But remember, how well these campaigns work depends on things like who you’re aiming for, what your ads look like, and how you bid. So, match your campaign to what you want for your business and who you’re talking to.
Google Ads Experts Discussing Campaign Types

Types of Google Ads Campaigns:

Google Ads has different types of campaigns, each meant for different goals. They help you reach your audience in various ways. Whether you want to make your brand known, sell more stuff, or get people interacting, these campaigns let you choose what works for your business.

No matter if you’re an expert or just starting out in online marketing, this list explains the main campaign types from Google Ads. It helps you understand them better, so you can make a smart advertising plan before you log in to your Google Ads account and create campaigns.

Search Campaigns:

How They Work: These campaigns display text ads within Google’s search results when users search for specific keywords or phrases.

Goals They Can Help Achieve: Sales, Leads, Website Traffic, Brand Awareness, Product and Brand Consideration, Conversion Volume, and Target Impression Share.

Search Campaigns are like online ads that pop up when people search on Google. If someone types in certain words (a search query), these search ads show up alongside the results. The ads try to match what the person is looking for, so they might notice and do something about it.

The main point of Search Campaigns is to help a business do different things they want. These ads can help sell more stuff, find new potential customers, get more people to visit a website, make the brand more known, and make people think about a product or brand. Search Campaigns also help make more people who see the ads actually do what the business wants.

Basically, Search Campaigns and dynamic search ads are a strong tool for businesses to get noticed by possible customers. When businesses use these ads well, they can show up more online, talk to the right people, and get closer to their goals.


Display Campaigns:

How They Work: Display campaigns show visual banner ads on websites within the Google Display Network (GDN) which includes a wide range of websites, apps, and platforms.

Goals They Can Help Achieve: Brand Awareness, Reach, Product and Brand Consideration, and Website Traffic.

Display Campaigns are a big part of online ads. They’re about showing colorful banner ads on lots of websites, apps, and places called the Google Display Network (GDN). Instead of just words like in Search Campaigns, these display ads have pictures to catch people’s eyes while they’re online.

Here’s how it works: these banner ads are put on websites and apps all around the GDN. They’re picked based on what the people there like, who they are, and what they usually do online. When people go to those sites or use those apps, they see the banner ads. This helps make the brand more known and remembered.

Display Campaigns aim to do things like make the brand famous and get people interested. These ads look good, so they help people remember the brand and think about buying their stuff. Plus, they can also make people click on the ads and visit the website. With Display Campaigns, businesses can show up all over the internet and get in touch with possible customers on lots of different digital places.


Video Campaigns:

How They Work: Video campaigns display video ads on platforms like YouTube and across the Google Display Network.

Goals They Can Help Achieve: Brand Awareness, Product and Brand Consideration, and Video Views.

Video Campaigns are about showing moving ads on important places like YouTube and the big Google Display Network. These ads use videos to grab your target audience’s attention and get them interested. They’re great for telling stories, showing off products, and making the brand more known.

Here’s how it works: these video ads are put on places like YouTube. When people watch videos there or use the Google Display Network, these campaigns play the video ads before, during, or after the videos. This is a chance for businesses to share cool stories and visuals with the people they want to reach.

Video Campaigns aim to do things like make the brand more famous and get people interested. Videos are interesting, so they help people remember the brand and think about buying things. Also, businesses can see how many people watched the videos to know how well they did. With Video Campaigns, businesses can use videos to connect with people, tell stories, and meet different marketing goals.


Shopping Campaigns:

How They Work: Shopping campaigns promote products from your online store. They show product images, prices, and other information directly in search results.

Goals They Can Help Achieve: Sales, Product and Brand Consideration, Website Traffic, and Catalog Sales.

Shopping Campaigns are important for online ads. They’re all about showing off your store’s products in a nice and helpful way. These Google Shopping ads use product pictures, prices, and details right in the search results, so people can easily see what you’re selling and decide if they want it.

Here’s how it works: the product info gets mixed with the ads. When people search for things like what you sell, these campaigns show a row of pictures with product info like name, price, and where to buy. It helps people find what they want and decide quickly.

Shopping Campaigns are great for making more sales. They make products look good and easy to compare, so people can choose and buy. Also, these ads help people know more about your products and brand when they’re looking for similar stuff online. Plus, they can send people to your store’s website to see more.

The numbers from Shopping Campaigns tell you how each product does, so you can make your strategy better and sell more.


App Campaigns:

How They Work: App campaigns help promote your mobile app across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and other platforms.

Goals They Can Help Achieve: App Installs, and App Engagement.

App Campaigns are a big deal in online ads. They’re all about getting more people to know about and use your mobile app. These campaigns put your app on important places like Google Search, Google Play, and YouTube.

Here’s how it works: the ads are made to catch the attention of people who are looking for apps, checking out app stores, or watching videos on YouTube. These ads show off your app’s cool stuff and make people want to try it out.

App Campaigns aim to do things like get more people to install your app and use it. They help your app get on the phones of people who really want it. Plus, they remind people who already have your app to use it more.

Using App Campaigns helps your app grow, reach more people, and get used more often. It’s a good way to meet your app goals.


Local Campaigns:

How They Work: Local campaigns aim to drive foot traffic to physical store locations by showing ads across Google platforms and networks.

Goals They Can Help Achieve: Local Store Visits and Promotions, and Local Actions.

Local Campaigns are super important for businesses with physical stores. They help bring people to your store using online ads. These ads show up on Google Maps to get people to visit your actual store.

Here’s how it works: the ads use where people are and Google’s website to show who’s close to your store and might like what you offer. The ads give info about your store like where it is, when it’s open, how to get there, and any deals you have. This gets people interested and coming to your store.

Local Campaigns aim to do things like make more people come to your store, promote deals, and get people to do things right away in your area. They connect online stuff with your actual store by guiding people to visit after they see the ads. Using Local Campaigns helps your store get more visitors and sales in your local area. It’s a smart way to make online actions turn into real-world visits.


Smart Campaigns:

How They Work: Smart campaigns use automated technology to create and optimize ads across various platforms, making it easier for small businesses to advertise effectively.

Goals They Can Help Achieve: Sales, Leads, Website Traffic, and App Installs.

Smart Campaigns are like the next level of online ads. They’re super automated, so small businesses can campaigns set up and advertise without the usual hard work. These campaigns use fancy tech to handle ads on different places, making online ads simpler for businesses.

Here’s how it works: the campaigns use smart computers and automation to make ads and set them up for what the business wants. You just give some basic info, and the system takes care of the rest. The ads go to different websites and places to find people interested in what the business offers. It’s like having an ad expert do the work.

Smart Campaigns can help small businesses sell stuff, find leads, get more people to visit their website, and even install their app. They’re like a shortcut to doing online ads. By using Smart Campaigns, businesses can reach the right people and get them to do things without spending too much time or effort.


Discovery Campaigns:

How They Work: Discovery campaigns showcase your products or services across Google’s Discover feed, YouTube, and Gmail.

Goals They Can Help Achieve: Brand Awareness, and Product and Brand Consideration.

Discovery Campaigns are a smart way to advertise online. They put your stuff on Google’s places like Discover feed, YouTube, and Gmail. These campaigns use these spots where people spend time to show them what you offer and make them remember your brand.

Here’s how it works: these campaigns put ads that look great and fit right where people are looking. The ads match what people are into, so they’re not annoying. With cool pictures and aiming at what people like, Discovery Campaigns catch the attention of folks checking out these platforms.

Discovery Campaigns are about making your brand known and making people think about your stuff. These ads show up where people are finding new things to read, watch, and do. They help people get to know your brand better and think about buying your stuff. By using Discovery Campaigns, you can make a strong impression and connect with people who want what you offer.


Performance Max Campaigns:

How They Work: Performance Max Campaigns use automation and machine learning to place ads across various Google platforms like Search, Display Network, and YouTube.

Goals They Can Help Achieve: Conversions, Website Traffic, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, App Installs, Sales, Engagement, and Catalog Sales.

Performance Max Campaigns are like super-smart ads online. They use tech and learning to put ads on Google places like Search, Display Network, and YouTube. These campaigns are all about doing really well by showing ads to the right people at the best times, so they do what you want.

Here’s how it works: these campaigns use machines and learning to figure out what people like and when they’re online. The ads change as people change, making sure they work great. Performance Max Campaigns have different types of ads like words, pictures, and videos, to talk to people on lots of places.

Performance Max Campaigns aim to get more people to buy, visit websites, and make ads work better. With smart learning, these campaigns reach more people and show the right stuff at the right times. They’re like a full package for getting what you want from online ads.


Hotel Campaigns:

How They Work: Hotel campaigns are specifically for the travel and hospitality industry, allowing advertisers to showcase their hotel properties and rates.

Goals They Can Help Achieve: Hotel Bookings, and Brand Awareness.

Hotel Campaigns are like a special kind of online ads for the travel and hotel industry. They help hotels show off their rooms, prices, and special things to people who might want to stay. These campaigns focus on getting more people to book rooms and know about the hotel.

Here’s how it works: these campaigns put hotel info and prices on Google stuff. When people are planning trips, they can easily see and compare hotel options. The campaigns make it simple for travelers to find, compare, and choose the best place to stay. With special tools and targeting, Hotel Campaigns help hotels get seen by travelers looking for a place to stay.

Hotel Campaigns want to help hotels get more bookings and be known in the travel world. They show hotel choices at the right time for travelers making plans. Also, they help hotels get recognized and considered by people who need a place to stay. By using Hotel Campaigns, travel businesses can connect with travelers, get more bookings, and stand out in the hotel industry.

Choose The Best Google Ads Campaign Type For Your Business.

To sum up, Google Ads has lots of different campaign types, each for specific goals. You’ve got Search and Display for getting noticed, Video and Shopping for showing off products, App for mobile apps, and Local for real store visits.

Smart Campaigns are easy for small businesses, while Discovery reaches more people. Hotel is for hotels to get bookings. And Performance Max makes ads super smart across Google platforms.

Remember, success comes from matching your campaigns with what you want and who you’re talking to. Mix and adjust campaigns based on how they’re doing. Google Ads is flexible, so you can do things like sell more, get people to your landing pages, make your brand known, or hit different goals. Dive into Google Ads, use its powers, and see your business grow online.

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