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What is Search Engine Optimization for Local Businesses?

Search engine optimization for local businesses is sometimes referred to as “Local SEO.” Basically, it’s all about getting your business information and website pages to show up high in search results for people in your area who are searching for a “____ near me” or “_____ in [city/town].”

For example, let’s say your searching for a dentist…

Do you want to drive across the state to go see a dentist? Of course not.

You want the best, local dentist who accepts your insurance and can get you in quickly and easily.

How do you find a dentist office that’s nearby?

You pull out your phone and search for “dentists near me.” If you’re in our hometown of Richmond, VA., you may search for “Dentists in Richmond, VA.”

If you’re serious about finding a dentist, you’re probably interested in seeing the dentists’ contact information, such as their address and phone number and business website. And guess what?! Search engines know that…

And within a few microseconds, you’ll have countless dentists to choose from. You can visit their website, get directions, call them, read their reviews, see images, find their social media profiles, and more.

Now imagine that you are the dentist…

You don’t know much about small business SEO. All you know is that your dental practice thrives on local customers, and you want every potential customer to find your business online.

Your dental practice doesn’t get very many new patients. In fact, most of the phone calls you get are from marketers trying to sell you SEO services and promising you better local search rankings on Google Search.

And on your lunch break one day, you decide to figure out how you can get your dental practice to show up in search results. Then, you discover Local SEO, the type of search engine optimization service you need to get people in your area to find your dental office in local search results.

That’s where search engine optimization comes into play.

Search engine optimization works for all businesses, regardless of what they sell. If people are searching for your products and services online, then search engine optimization will benefit your company.

TIP: Your company should, at a minimum, have a business listing on Google (Google My Business listing). Later, you can worry about keyword research, blog posts, and on-page SEO. But for now, your Google My Business listing will be enough to get you started and help potential customers find your business online.

If you’re struggling with SEO, then you may want to start asking, “Who?” Not “How?”

SEO is very complex. You could spend hours on YouTube and Google trying to learn it all as you go, or you could find high-quality SEO professionals to do it all for you.

Would you rather get SEO tips or SEO results?

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