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Identify The Top 3 Technical SEO Issues That Are Holding Your Website Back From Ranking Higher In Google Search Results.

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In the next few minutes you are going to discover how many SEO issues are on your website and what you can do to fix them.

In fact, our SEO scan can generate a Free Quick SEO Report for you that specifically addresses the questions of:

How many SEO issues does your website have?

What are the top 3 SEO issues on your website?

Is your website holding you back from achieving top placement in Google Search Results?

Our Tool Looks For Over 130 Possible Technical SEO Issues On Your Site!

Our quick scan checks four aspects of technical SEO: Crawlability, Internal Linking, HTTPS, and Site Performance. You will see on the report that all the SEO issues are calculated and divided into three groups: errors, warnings, and notices.

The Four Types of SEO Issues We Look For:


Our quick scan will check to see if your website is accessible by search engines, and let you know if GoogleBot (what Google uses to scan your website) can crawl and index your website.

Internal Linking.

Our quick scan will look at all of your internal linking issues and overall website structure. The report you receive will show you if you have bad links on your website.

Site Performance.

Our quick scan tool will check the loading time of your web pages and alert you if you have any pages on your website that take too long to load.


Our quick scan tool will audit your site’s security status and let you know if there are any issues with your SSL certificate.

How It Works:

Just enter your website address and your email address and then click the “Send My Free SEO Report” button and you’ll instantly receive your Free SEO Report by email.

As soon as you submit your website, we will automatically start crawling your website. Your report will be emailed to the email address you enter in the form.


What Will The Scan Be Able To See?
Our tool can see everything Google and other search engines can see on your website. Basically, everything that is available to the public on your website.
Will The Scan Access The Backend Of My Website?
No. Our tool does not access the backend of your website.
Will The Scan Affect My SEO?
No. This scan doesn’t affect your SEO whatsoever.
Will I Be Signed Up For Your Email List By Doing This Scan?
Absolutely not. The only reason why we ask for your email address is so we can email you the report.
What Do Errors Mean On The Report?
Issues of high severity will show up as Errors on the report. You’ll want to fix these issues as soon as possible.
What Do Warnings Mean On The Report?
Issues of medium severity will show up as Warnings on the report. You’ll want to fix these issues after you’ve fixed the Errors.
What Do Notices Mean On The Report?
Notices are not considered SEO issues, however you can improve your website’s overall health by fixing the notices on the report.
Will This Scan Show Me All Of My SEO Issues?
Not exactly. This scan only checks for Technical SEO issues. Technical SEO is only one aspect of Search Engine Optimization.

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