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Get More In-Store and Online Traffic with Local SEO.

Local SEO helps you get more website traffic, leads, and sales from potential customers in your area!

The Ultimate Local SEO Package

The Ultimate Local SEO Package includes technical, content, on-page, off-page, speed, and conversion optimization. On average, our clients see a 20-40% increase in leads and sales year after year.

If you want locals to visit your physical location in-person, our Local SEO package is exactly what you need!

We don’t play around when it comes to getting work done…

“I can’t believe how much you guys have done in just two weeks!”

Gabby and Karen, Owners at Edgewood Outfitters.

Features and Benefits

Custom SEO Strategy

Starting with our discovery call, we gather information about your business, goals, audience, competitors, and products or services.

Then, we conduct keyword research, and other SEO research to put together a 90-day plan and content calendar for your SEO campaign.

To see an example of an SEO roadmap, scroll down to our package selections here.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about making sure that the technical aspects of your website are working and optimized for search engines like Google.

Examples of technical SEO improvements we make include title tags, meta descriptions, internal linking, schema markup, and more.

To see how many technical SEO issues your website has, get a free instant SEO Audit here.

Content Optimization

The number one reason why websites don’t rank high in search results is because their content isn’t optimized.

That means that their content, like images and text doesn’t include the right keywords, enough text, and all the other on-page SEO elements it needs to be fully optimized.

To see how many pages will optimized on your site, scroll down to our package selections here.

Fresh Monthly Content

The best way to increase your company’s visibility in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results is to publish fresh content on your website every month.

Doing this will allow your new web pages and/or blog posts to show up in search results that are related to your products and/or services.

To see how much content we will create for your website, scroll down to our package selections here.

Google My Business

Your Google My Business listing is vital to your success with Local SEO.

If you want to show up in the Maps section on Google Search, then your listing needs to be kept up to date, with regular updates and offers being published on it every week.

To see how many posts we will create for your GMB profile, scroll down to our package selections here.

Speed Optimization

Website speed started becoming important for SEO in 2018 and was recently confirmed as an SEO ranking factor by Google. You know what that means – it’s time to speed up your website’s load time!

This is a highly technical undertaking, which is why you want to leave it to our SEO team to do.

Go to Google Page Speed Insights to analyze your site speed.

Citation Development

A citation in SEO is when a business directory lists your company information along with a link to your website.

We will make sure that your business is listed in the most relevant online business directories to maximize your Local SEO results.

If you’re already SOLD and want to see our package pricing, click here to go to the investment section!

Live Reporting Dashboard

If you’ve ever worked with an SEO agency or freelancer, you know how anxious you get when you have no idea what’s going on.

Your dashboard allows you to track analytics, project progress, deliverables, and more. The best part is you can see what’s happening behind the scenes anytime you want!

Please click here to see what the live reporting dashboard looks like!

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager is always available to answer any questions you have about your SEO.

In addition to providing answers, they will meet with you via Zoom once a month to go over results and your SEO strategy and roadmap moving forward.

If you want to work with a team that genuinely cares about your success, then continue scrolling…

Monthly SEO Packages

Real SEO Client Results

See what these clothing boutique owners had to say about SEO and working with us…

Meet Jana!

When we first met Jana, the owner at Attune Massage Therapy, her website wasn’t doing much for her. It wasn’t ranking well, it didn’t generate any leads, and her website lacked content.

We’ve been working with Attune Massage Therapy for over two years, and everything about their SEO continues to improve every month! For the first time, they are getting phone calls, booked appointments, website traffic, online sales, and more every single month!

Meet Ruth!

When we met with Ruth, the owner at Kiss & Make-Up for the first time, she told us that she had not received any online orders for as long as she could remember.

Kiss & Make-Up has been with us for over two years now, and we don’t want to publicize how much revenue they’ve generated because of SEO, but we will say that they’ve started and are continuing to get more in-store and online traffic and sales every month.

Meet Harry!

When Harry, the owner of Reynolds Construction started working with us, he had just recovered from a poor experience with another agency. During that time, he didn’t get any leads!

Reynolds Construction has been with us for over two years now and is getting new leads from SEO on a weekly basis. In addition to generating more leads and sales from SEO, their website traffic and organic rankings continue to increase by 60% year over year.

Edgewood Outfitters
Edgewood Outfitters
the styles team has been truly amazing to work with, Savannah has really taken the time to work with us and help us drastically improve our SEO! since we signed on with the team we have seen lots of great traction and lots of positive improvement! We have also started getting orders which we did not have before using her services! We highly recommend anyone looking for seo to use her services!!!!!!!!!!! so glad to have a great team behind us 🙂
We really enjoy working with Savannah! She does a great job with online marketing and is always very helpful.
Jana Powell
Jana Powell
I began my on-going working relationship with Savannah and Chris in late 2019. I had them build and optimize my website and my business has grown by 10% (even in COVID times!) Savannah is incredible to work with and she has a true passion for her work. She is always up for helping me curate new ideas to stay in front of my audience. The Styles Agency has helped me with so many different projects and I am truly grateful that they do the high quality hard work for me and make it affordable at the same time. Give them a try and thank me later!!!
darlene tyler
darlene tyler
The Styles Agency goes above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers. Being new to starting a business, and trying to design a website, facebook business page, and Instagram on my own was very overwhelming. From our first encounter I immediately felt I had someone on my team helping me through the process. Working with Chris and Savannah has been an absolute pleasure. They have always been very professional, personable, and accommodating. Their can-do attitude is refreshing in this day and time. I would highly recommend The Styles Agency for all of your social media needs. Darlene Tyler Joyful Organizing
Janice L. Jones
Janice L. Jones
I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found The Styles Agency. I started the Spotsy Arts Festival fours years ago and they are my fourth and final web designers. They designed a site that is attractive, fast, enticing and, to me, reflected what an art festival site should be. In other words it was not a static bland presentation. They are very responsive, as I need many updates, and so easy to work with. THANK YOU SAVANNAH AND CHRIS!!! You cannot go wrong when you work with these two!
Kate Styles
Kate Styles
WOW!! Thorough, quick, honest and trustworthy!! Savannah and Chris from the very beginning wanted to understand the ins and outs of my branding and business. They wanted to get to know me, and what kind of clients I attract, what I love, what I need. all for my website. My website looked OUTSTANDING. Better than I could have imagined. My traffic to my website exploded thanks to their expertise in SEO!! Thank you Savannah and Chris for making my project feel like it was the most important project on your plate!
Theresa Sears
Theresa Sears
The Styles Agency is a fantastic company. They have helped me tremendously as I started my non profit organization. They answer all my questions in terms I can understand and do it in a timely manner. They are very insightful making suggestions about things I had not thought about. My web page and Facebook page look fabulous. I get a lot of compliments on them. I would recommend The Styles Agency to anyone that needs help with their social media accounts. Theresa Sears Founder/ Executive Director Lets Go Services
Ruth McMahon
Ruth McMahon
Chris and Savannah are doing an amazing job as my social media consultants. They are very creative, always willing to chat and have really helped my online presence. I highly recommend them!!!
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison
Savannah is an absolute pleasure to work with. I've been working with The Styles Agency for 3 weeks now, and everything I've needed done with my website and social media has been completed quickly and the quality of their work is top notch. I highly recommend them for their skills, work ethic, and excellent service. - Mike

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