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Pay per click ads can help your business reach the right audience, increase brand recognition, boost website traffic, and generate leads and sales online. PPC ads are also budget-friendly and show fast measurable results that we can analyze in real-time.

If you have a special online promotion you’d like to promote to a wider audience or need to incorporate digital advertising into your overall marketing strategy, our Google-certified digital advertising experts can help your company get a return on your digital advertising investments.

What’s included?


Media Planning and Strategy

Our media planners will determine where your ads should be served, the targeting for different ads, and your overall strategy going forward.


Media Buying

Media buying is the process of negotiating advertising costs with publishers, or in our case, search engines and social media platforms. For pay per click advertising, the media buying process entails setting daily and monthly campaign budgets, and setting bids for each keyword we’re targeting with search ads. The buying phase also sets the targeting for each ad in your campaign(s) to ensure we’re optimizing your budget from the beginning.


Ad Copy and Creative

We will write your ad copies and design the graphics and images you wish to use for advertising purposes. If you have your own copy and designs you’d like to use, we can use what you have. Many platforms have guidelines, including text limits, that we have mastered working with. If you’re unsure about your original ad copy and creative, we will happily edit them to meet the requirements of each ad platform you’re advertising on.


Ad Campaign Management

Unlike traditional means of advertising, we can adjust and edit ads 24/7. To ensure that your ad budget is being spent wisely, we will run several split tests, increase and decrease bids, turn ads on or off, and monitor the performance of your ads throughout the day and night, seven days a week.


Campaign Optimization

Ad campaign optimizations include editing graphics, adjusting the ad’s delivery schedule, running different types of ads, split-testing, and nurturing successful ads to maximize your return on ad spend.


Ad Campaign Analytics and Reports

You will receive a detailed ad report for each platform and ad campaign we create and manage for you. Every week, we will measure progress, find opportunities to improve the ads, and set new goals for the following week.

The Types of Ads We Can Create For You:

Google Search Ads

Search ads are pay per click ads that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). This type of ad is great for when your audience is searching for your services.

Google Display Ads

Display ads are banner ads that appear on websites and mobile apps. With display ads, we can target a specific audience and only display your ads on websites that are relevant to your audience.

YouTube Ads

Video ads on YouTube are great at helping companies build awareness while advertising to specific group of users. YouTube ads are best suited for businesses that have professionally produced video content.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads on Google provide small businesses an opportunity to promote products to potential customers when they’re interested in that specific product. When someone searches for a product you’re promoting, your product’s shopping ad will appear in the shopping section of Google’s search results.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are great for building awareness. They can also be effective for finding and targeting people who are most likely to be interested in your products and services.

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