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When you need a website that’s visually appealing, responsive, user-friendly, fast, and optimized for search engines, you can count on our web designers to build the website you need.

A new website designed by The Styles Agency will help enhance your company’s online presence, improve your online credibility and authority, and help your company generate leads and sales online and in-store.

Our Web Design and Development Services:


Custom Website Design

Your website will be custom designed to work great on all devices.


Web Copy

Your copy is based on your brand personality and it’s written in a way that connects with your intended audience. For example: if your brand personality is all about excitement – your web copy will be written to excite your target audience. If your brand personality is competence – website visitors will learn something new before they leave your site. If your brand personality is sincerity – we’re going to connect with people on an emotional level.


Website Development

After you approve of your website’s design and copy, we’ll develop your website to look and function the way it’s designed to. You site will load fast, be optimized for search engines, and connect with your audience. We’ll also work with you to set up web hosting, email hosting, a security certificate, and anything else your site needs to be fully functional and ready for more traffic.

SEO Set Up

Technical and On-Page SEO

We will optimize your web content and the technical aspects of your web pages to ensure that search engines correctly index the web pages you want to appear in search results.

Analytics Set Up

Website Analytics

We will set up your Google Analytics account to track conversions, page views, audience insights, and other key performance indicators that matter to you. We will also set up your Google Search Console account to help you and your SEO professionals keep track of where your web pages appear in search results, and which keywords triggered your web pages to show up in search results.


Website Maintenance

When you need to update your website, you can count on us to take care of it for you. We offer website maintenance on a month-to-month and per-hour basis.

Types of Websites We Can Create:


Small Business Websites

If you’re a B2B business, or a small service-based business, you need a small business website. This type of site will have everything needed to inform users, generate leads, and rank high in search results. Small service-based business websites typically have between 5 and 25 web pages.


Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites are best-suited for photographers, film makers, film and TV professionals, social influencers, entertainers, and others who want to showcase their work online. It’s important that portfolio sites are optimized for search engines, load fast, and work correctly on every web browser and screen size. If you need a place to showcase your work, a portfolio site is what you need.


E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce sites are online stores that allow you to publish your products, complete transactions, communicate with customers, and rank high in search results. E-commerce websites typically have more than 10 web pages, with each product having its own web page.


Starter (Basic) Websites

Basic websites can be landing pages, or small websites. Basic websites have between 1 and 5 web pages. If you need a landing page or a small website built for your company or ad campaign, we would love to work with you.


Non-Profit Websites

We offer special rates for non-profit organizations. Non-profit websites typically inform users about the organization, and encourage people to donate or contribute to a cause.

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