Website Speed Optimization

It’s not easy achieving perfect scores on Google Page Speed Insights. Many website owners have yet to experience the holy grail of website speed. Perhaps that’s why there aren’t any web design companies in Richmond with a faster website than our’s.


How Can a Fast Website Improve Your Business?

The whole point of optimizing is to improve something. In our case, we’re offering to improve your website speed. But, how will that improve your business? While we cannot guarantee all blissful wishes will be granted, we DO guarantee that our speed optimization service will decrease your web pages’ load time, and increase your website’s speed. There are other benefits too!


The Extra Perks of Site Speed:

Numerous studies have shown that faster loading websites convert more than sites that load at a normal speed. Google also takes page load time into consideration as a ranking factor. Most importantly, fast websites are exciting to visit!

With a faster website, it’s also highly likely that you’ll notice a decrease in bounce rates and an increase in time spent on your site. (Ask any digital marketer; those are good things!)

Some Technical Things…

There are several “technical things” we do to optimize your website, and since we’re not targeting web developers with our web content, we’re not going to bury you in a page full of technical jargon. Here’s a short list of “things” we do to speed up page load time.

Server Response Times

If available, we’ll ensure your server is optimized and able to perform tasks at top speeds.

Video Optimization

Videos “eat up” server resources and can slow down a mobile user’s experience. We’ll optimize your videos, without editing the footage.


These 3 types of files, when not programmed with speed in mind, can slow down your site.

Image Optimization

Images files may be holding you back from top page speeds. We’ll fix that for you.

Font Optimization

Yes, your font can slow down your website’s load time. Yes, we have a solution for that.


Hopefully, we haven’t buried you in “technical things”. If you need more technical info, reach out to us! If you’re confused, reach out to us!

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