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Meet Savannah Styles.


Savannah’s sweet spot is social media. Prior to opening The Styles Agency, Savannah held management positions in the hospitality and banking industries. For a few years, she took on light projects – just to see if it was worth leaving a corporate job for the chance to own a business. After Savannah got a taste of the results she produced for a few eCommerce stores, she decided to go all-in with The Styles Agency. Savannah is mentioned in many of our reviews where she’s commended for her communication, designs, copies, and ability to connect with people and produce results on social media. When Savannah isn’t managing social media accounts, she loves spending time singing and dancing with her daughter. 

Meet Chris Morgenroth.


Chris Morgenroth’s journey as a digital marketer began in 2006. He entered the industry as a social media marketer before freelancing as an SEO fixer-upper, Google Ads Manager, and website designer. He also studied Network Security at ECPI, and made a living as a professional actor from 2008 to 2011. After taking his last bow on stage, and bowing out of a IT security career path that didn’t excite him, Chris and Savannah joined forces, formed a business, and worked overtime for the opportunity to continue doing what they love. They’re also partners in life and have a daughter together. In addition, Chris thoroughly enjoys having ‘business’ discussions with his 6-year old daughter, who knows every client by name, can probably handle our customer service, and is interested in “working for the business” when she’s older.

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