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Our Helping Hand Initiative

Our purpose has always been to help others. In 2020, we were inspired to help more than ever before and give more than we have ever given.

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Our Helping Hand offers are snippets of our digital marketing services.

June Offer: Website Copy Analysis

The best way to get your web page to rank higher in Google Search results is to include all the keywords and exact number of words you need on your page (word count). How do you know which keywords to use? How do you know how many words to include in your copy? You can find out the easy way or the hard way.

The easy way is to let us give you a list of keywords and the exact number of words you should have on your web page. The hard way is to look at your top 10 competitors’ websites and try to identify the keywords and then count the number of words on their web page yourself.

We can make this process easy for you by looking at your top 10 competitors and giving you a list of keywords and the exact number of words that you need to include on your web page!

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